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Aviation Lawyers Turkey and Aviation solicitor turkey

Those working in airlines are excluded from the scope of the Aviation Labor Law. This gap, which is included in the legal regulations, provides limited protection for the airlines in the field of application. In view of this situation, the provisions of the service contract defined in the Code of Obligations are tried to be implemented.

The rights of airline employees are tried to be protected within the framework of the provisions of the contract and the provisions of the contract.

 What is Air Labor Law?

Turkey Civil Aviation Labor Union by which a bill drafted and submitted to the Parliament Presidency aviation solicitor turkey, is a study for the rights of airline employees. The union, which began in the last months of 2017, will try to protect the rights of all airline employees with the help of Aviation Lawyers Turkey.

The main aim of the law on business law aviation is to provide a solution to the issues that the airline workers have been bleeding for years. Issues such as job security and severance pay are at the forefront of the draft law. The most basic rights of airline employees will be tried to be eliminated through aviation solicitor turkey.

Turkey in this bill led by the Union of Civil Aviation, Aviation Lawyers Turkey falls to all other business lawyers. In addition, all other airline employees working outside THY have also been considered in this law proposal. Within the sector, the biggest problem is those working outside THY.
 Aviation Law for Airline Employees

Our office, which provides services in aviation law, provides legal services in all areas within the aviation sector. The legal services of workers and employers in the airline companies, airline employees and all other airline sectors are carried out primarily through our law office.

Our legal office also provides consultancy services to all associations, general directorates, unions and councils in the aviation sector on legal issues. Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Turkey Private Aviation Enterprises Association, Airlines Cargo Council and Turkey Travel Agencies Association is mainly represented in all the institutions and organizations with legal issues and our consulting services.

 Air Business Law Services

Our law office provides you with a wide range of legal services for all airline employees. The services we offer as Aviation Lawyers Turkey are as follows:

* Preparation of notification of termination in the process of termination of employment contracts for justified reasons,
* Legal information on the basis of legal regulations,
* In the event of unjustified termination, a lawsuit for damages on the basis of Article 438 of the TBK,
* In the process of filing for the compensation process, following the whole litigation process to be finalized,
* Reviewing whether there are provisions regarding the implementation of the Labor Law in the collective bargaining agreements signed by the airline companies and workers,
* If there is a Labor Code, lawsuits will be filed for workers’ claims due to this law,
* Follow-up of these receivable proceedings,
* Cancellation of contracts with penal clause provisions concluded in a unilateral manner,
* Procedures for finalizing these cancellation cases.

 Aviation solicitor turkey Consulting Services

Apart from the lawsuits on the implementation of labor law in aviation, consultancy services are also provided by our law office. The consultancy services offered by our office are:

* Consulting in military defense industry and aviation law,
* Implementation of ground and air safety law and criminal proceedings,
* Identification and inspection services of the areas on the airway by which the sovereign right will be obtained,
* The acquisition and protection of rights relating to the ownership of airships and pledge rights,
* Controlling the responsibilities of operators in air ships,
* Arrangement and supervision of the presence of insurances of air carriers and companies engaged in air transportation,
* Legal consultancy on criminal and legal aspects of air transport accidents,
* Consultancy services for companies that carry air transportation to the applicable law.
The dispute, which may be the solution of the dispute, without being brought to court, without the expense of the court, is agreed with the parties’ aviation lawyers jointly.
This will save both time and expenses. The most important point is to ensure that the solution to the dispute is our main goal.

 How to resolve a dispute?

The parties who applied to us were again subject to dispute with our expert lawyers.

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