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Protecting privacy with temp mail

The process of creating a tempemail or secondary email address is prudent and practice can save your primary address from piles of junk and unwanted information. The account is not necessarily fake, but serves as a backup and general for non-personal messages. It can also serve a variety of other purposes, including the means of sending emails without attaching your ID to the account.

The first step in temp mail generator is to find a good account hosting provider. Some temp email generator services require a full name and personal information that identifies your account. Gmail does this, and while you can create an account that acts as a fake or backup option, it will still be associated with your name. This is good when the email account is used to send spam and unfiltered emails away from the primary address.

Using a fake account without maintaining your name will maintain a high level of anonymity. This is important for protecting privacy and personal security when communicating with strangers.

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